Spicy baobab & moringa prawn cocktail

Serves up to 2. Preparation time 10 mins.



Thoroughly mix the two Bim’s Kitchen sauces together in a non-metallic bowl. Add the prawns to the combined sauce and gently mix together. Serve with salad accompaniments of your choice as a side dish or use as a sandwich filler.(shown here with some pea shoots in a ciabatta roll)

TIP: this dressing also works well with chicken or turkey so it’s great for leftovers of either roast meats. Although the resulting combined dressing has very little chilli heat, for a completely chilli-free version, just use 4 tbsp of Baobab & Moringa Dressing. For something much hotter, try a teaspoon of one of our Hot Sauces in place of the ketchup.

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