Grilled baobab pepper chicken

Serves 4. Preparation 30 mins, cooking time approx. 40 mins.


  • 1 whole chicken, about 1.6kg (deboned)

For the marinade:


Mix all the marinade ingredients together in a bowl. Pour marinade over chicken and coat thoroughly. Leave chicken to marinate in the fridge for at least 2 hours (the longer the better, ours was left overnight).

Remove marinated chicken from the fridge at least 30 mins before cooking and pre-heat oven grill. Lay the chicken flat (starting skin-side down) on a suitable tray and place in the lower half of the oven. Grill chicken for approx., 40 mins turning every 8 – 10 mins, until chicken is thoroughly cooked (juices should run clear). Serve with desired accompaniments (shown here with some salad and Turkish adana bread).

TIP: For a fiery version of this dish, use our African Baobab Chilli Jam. This chicken is also perfect for cooking outdoors on a BBQ.

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