Serves 4. Preparation time 30mins. Cooking time up to 20 -25 mins


For the steak:

4 thick sirloin steaks (about 250g each)
5g of Bim’s Kitchen African Pepper Spice Mill (coarsely ground)
(optional: a few chilli flakes if a hotter version is preferred)
20m cold-pressed rapeseed oil
10ml lemon juice
3g salt

For the mash:

1.5kg floury white potatoes (peeled and cut into medium pieces)
200ml full fat milk
20ml cold-pressed rapeseed oil
5g of Bim’s Kitchen African Pepper Spice Mill (finely ground)
3 fresh wild garlic leaves (washed and thinly chopped)


Start preparing the mash first by placing the potato pieces in a suitable pan, cover with water and add a few pinches of salt. Bring to the boil and simmer for about 12 – 15mins until cooked and beginning to break apart. Once the potatoes are set to cook, mix the spices (including the chilli flakes if using), salt, rapeseed oil and lemon juice together and leave to sit for a minute. Brush the marinade all over each steak and leave to sit for at least 10 – 15mins.

Remove the cooked potatoes from heat and drain. During the last few minutes of cooking, pour the milk, rapeseed oil, spice mix and wild garlic into a pan and gently heat (do not allow to boil). Mash the potatoes till smooth and then add the milky mixtures and thoroughly combine.

Get a grill pan on a high heat for about a min. Making sure the grill pan is very hot, grill the steaks on each side for a minute to a minute and a half for a medium rare steak (increase cooking time slightly for a well done steak). At the end of the grilling time, remove the grill pan from the heat and leave the steaks to rest for a minute in the pan before serving. Serve with vegetables of your choice.