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African Baobab Chilli Jam



highA great chilli jam which uniquely combines the African “super-fruit” baobab in a tangy, very flavourful recipe. It is delightful with meat, fish, tofu, vegetables, eggs, cheese or some plain pasta/noodles; makes a tasty marinade or dipping sauce and can spice-up your favourite stew or stir-fry

Product Description

Main ingredients: hibiscus water, demerara sugar, sweet red peppers, smoked cayenne chillies, birdseye chillies, vinegar, baobab fruit, onion, ground ginger, garlic, cinnamon.

Diet: suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Shelf life: 18 months from production; after opening refrigerate and best enjoyed within 2 months.
‘high’ chilli heat

215g packaged in 8oz glass jar

‘high chilli heat’



  1. An absolutely beautiful product. I’m not usually a great fan of chilli but I had some whilst bims kitchen had a small stand at my local breakfast place. Since buying a pot due to having a great first impression I have just run out and realised how much this is an essential in the kitchen! Great stuff, use it with everything. This and Mayo is a dream combo! 😉

  2. This is an outstanding product – I use this as a quick glaze on roast chicken, great with cheddar & gorgeous with a burger on the BBQ. I love all the BK products – packed full of flavour & bring the wow factor to everyday meals 🙂

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