Long time no blog!

It's been a very busy few months but we thought we would share some news that you may have missed. New product our African Tigernut & Cashew Butter was launched earlier this month and has been a great hit with customers who've had a chance to buy it from us at food festivals. This tasty [...]

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Clifton Chilli Club review of our Fiery African Pepper Sauce

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Rydym yn symud i Gymru!

(We are moving to Wales!)- Afonwen in Flintshire, north Wales to be precise. It is with great optimism but also some sadness that we share this news with you. Many of you will know that we have long talked about moving out of London to expand our growing business and to (try!) to help us [...]

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Chop Street London brand review

Chop Street London is a site dedicated to celebrating food from Africa and via African Restaurants and Food Brands In London. We recently sent a selection of our products to the good people at Chop Street and we're pleased to learn they were well received. Check out their Brand Review: Bim's Kitchen Africn-Inspired Sauces and [...]

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Who’s For Dinner review

A fantastic review of our range by food blogger Who's For Dinner? (@whosfordinner). Do read. We're still beaming:-)) Bim’s Kitchen Sauces in The Who’s For Dinner Kitchen!

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Let’s spice things up around here

Here's a review from a young blogger we supplied some samples to: Let's spice things up around here with Bim's Kitchen Traditional African Sauces We're pleased you enjoyed them Adele - keep eating well!

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Mash’s Magic Ingredient

Many thanks to Pina at One Two Culinary Stew for the kind words about our magic mash ingredient! Read Pina's ‘Take It Easy’ Steak and Mash and see our Creamy lemon, garlic & pepper mash recipe.

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Hot African Baobab BBQ Sauce review

Read a review of our Hot African Baobab BBQ Sauce here at Chilli Fiends

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Online orders and Amazon

We know that despite our best efforts, many people who would like to try our products simply do not have a nearby stockist. That is why, alongside our lovely regular stockists, we have made our products available online through and fulfilled by Amazon.co.uk which has proved quite popular. Amazon was cleared out of pretty much [...]

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No 1 ketchup at Amazon!

We knew people loved our ketchup but had no idea it was this popular! Someone saw this ranking on Amazon earlier and kindly decided to share it with us. Made with an exotic range of ingredients and a hint of chilli, our Spicy African Ketchup is very tasty and versatile- use it as a regular [...]

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