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Welcome to our new website

Due to a high level of enquiries about our products (mostly “where can I order these online?”), we have devoted the last few weeks developing this site. We have tried to make the site as easy as possible to navigate. As we are not computer experts, we recognise that our site may not be the sleekest out there, but hope there is enough here for you to do the most important things- learn about us and our products and order at your convenience.

In spite of producing on a small scale, we have tried to keep costs, and prices, as low possible. The prices here should therefore be the same as prices you may have seen on various advertising material we have sent out. Prices will however be going up in the New Year to reflect higher ingredient and packaging costs we know are coming mainly as a result of the new higher VAT rate. We will endevour to continue to keep our end prices as low as we can.

We greatly appreciate any feedback about your experience with our products. Please drop us an email at [email protected]


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