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A lot to share since our last news update

Our products continue to gain new fans and customers and stockists. We have been very grateful for the highly positive feedback we continue to get from customers in writing (see our customer feedback page), in person at our market stalls, through our stockists and even from overseas. We would like to thank you all- your very warm response to our products really keeps us going!

Since our last update, we have welcomed The Devil’s Garden (online only), Moka in Haringey and Stein’s deli in Falmouth as new stockists. And on this note, we are very pleased to announce that Fortnum & Mason of Piccadilly will be stocking a selection from our range starting the next week or so. We hope to announce new stockists over the coming weeks- some of whom we have contacted at the suggestion of Bim’s Kitchen customers.

During a recent flying visit to Cornwall, Nicola managed to squeeze in a return tasting session at Stein’s deli in Padstow which went very well indeed. We are looking to do a session at their Falmouth deli in the near future.

A few of our products are undergoing a bit of a “name change” to better emphasise their intended use and how, in fact, many customers use them. Our African Chilli Coconut becomes African Chilli Coconut Relish; African Chillinut Sauce becomes African Chillinut Chutney; African Peppernut Sauce becomes African Peppernut Chutney while our two Spice Rubs become Spice Mixes. All products remain exactly the same and can still be used in all the versatile ways we suggest. The new names are already being rolled out but there will be some overlap as we finish off current label stocks.

We are pleased to be attending this year’s Fiery Foods UK Chilli Festival being held at Victoria Gardens, Brighton from 17 – 18 September. Please stop by if you happen to be attending- we expect to have some of our usual range as well as one or two “specials”.

In response to a significant number of customer and stockist requests, we have been working for some time on a couple of chilli pastes. The results- our new African Red and Green Chilli Pastes- recently debuted at our Borough and Broadway Market stalls alongside our new Chillinut Oil. All were enthusiastically received. If you haven’t tried them yet, please visit one of our market stalls for a taste.

Both our new chilli pastes contain delicious Carotino Oil which we are using in our products for the first time. We have been personally using this very tasty and extremely healthy oil for a number of years and its palm fruit roots tie in very nicely with our African theme. More information about Carotino Oil can be found atwww.carotino.co.uk. We are exploring the possibility of using this wonderful oil more extensively in our products. We’ll keep you posted.

And finally, on a very personal note, we are delighted to share some great feedback about our range that we have received from renowned New Zealand chef, Peter Gordon, often  credited as the ‘godfather’ of fusion cuisine. Bim has been a huge fan of Peter’s cooking philosophy since a chance sighting of Peter explaining and demonstrating his style of “fusion cuisine” on a TV cookery programme many years ago. This encounter greatly influenced Bim’s own approach to cooking and is reflected in our products today. We told Peter about our new range and he agreed to try them. We couldn’t have been happier when we got his personal feedback which he has kindly allowed us to publish exclusively on our website. Peter said:

“They all taste ‘home made’ with no hint of commercial production. The flavours are terrific, and taste like they’ve been made in small batches.

There are none I didn’t enjoy, but in particular I liked:

African Chilli Coconut is a gorgeous relish – probably my favourite – have been using it on toasted sourdough with hard cheese, spread on crackers with tomatoes, and eating it off the spoon.

Smokin’ Fusion Hot Sauce is terrific – the flavours are all quite distinct and the heat is glowingly hot and full.

African Melon Seed Curry Sauce – delicious. Mild but tasty and packed with flavour.

Honestly, they are excellent and thanks for sharing them with me.”

Comments like these and all the others we have received really make it all worthwhile.

Thanks for reading.

James “Bim” and Nicola

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