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Bim’s Kitchen is the creation of husband and wife team James “Bim” and Nicola Adedeji. We are a small family business that makes an award-winning range of own-recipe African-inspired food products

We use ingredients native to or commonly used in Africa like baobab fruit, cashew nuts, alligator pepper, cubeb and hibiscus flowers amongst others, to make easy-to-use sauces and condiments

Some of our recipes have long been enjoyed by friends, family and work colleagues who actively encouraged us to develop a range of retail products for them and others to enjoy. Others have been created as our business has grown and we found new and ever more tasty and interesting things to make with our unique range of ingredients. Whatever product you try, you are in for a real treat!

All our products are hand cooked in small batches using unique, high quality ingredients. All are gluten free (containing no or less than 5ppm gluten), suitable for vegetarians and most for vegans.

We truly hope you enjoy our products.